Avaible spanish (Mexican) language?

asked on October 15, 2018

Yes! As of November 7th, Alexa has been updated to support Mexican Spanish.
· November 10, 2018
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OMG LOL... this is too funny

Eva A.
· February 2, 2019
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Apparently this option of Mexican Spanish or proper Spanish is only available on the 3rd generation devices. My 2nd generations Dot doesn’t have the option.

Angel S.
· December 21, 2018
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So she speaks fluently in Slang?

Jason’s Right
· November 27, 2018
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How do you change it to Spanish through the Alexa App?

Amazon Customer
· November 19, 2018
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Too bad😥I speak Colombian spanish i hope they will add it some day too

· November 17, 2018
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Great, I'll try it!

· November 11, 2018
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